Why Rustic Wood?


The trees are picked and cut by an experienced forester, and the wood slabs [chunks] are treated with craftsmanship.

Why Rustic Wood


The chunks are dried in a real kiln for 6 months.


We use exclusively organic oils to finish the table tops.


We have an entry level product being a fashionable table made of wood chips. A nevertheless original product for a great price and a production time of 4-6 weeks only.

Business Accross Borders


Rustic Wood is an international European business with a transparent supply chain: The owner’s uncle is an experienced forester who owns his own land and forest in the Eastern parts of Poland, a country well known for its woodworking and furniture industry.

Business Across Borders

Each year, the government determines the amount of wood that he may cut that year. Usually this will be Oak, Ash and Hornbeam. Our forester decides which trees to log and makes sure the job gets done.

Processing the Slabs

Next, the trees are being cut into slabs and transported to our kiln, where the natural drying process takes place. This is the best method for drying the wood and takes about 6 months.

Each of our unique pieces of wood can be very long (up to 4,5 meters) and is typically 8 cm thick, which is thicker, stronger and more durable than most table tops on the market, usually not thicker than 5-6 cm.

After the slabs have dried enough, they’re processed by our carpenter. He evens them out using the right machinery, cuts off excess bark, and sands them, until they’re neat and smooth.

Finishing touch

We then finish the wood with the right oil. To this end, we only use organic products, e.g. canola-, tung- or olive oil. The type of wood as well as the oil used will determine the color the final product will have. This varies from a natural honey color to darker shades of brown. Our sales representative will gladly help you choose the right type of wood, and oil.

Business Across Borders

The next stage is transporting the slabs to our marketing and sales branch in the Netherlands, where most of our customers reside.

After transportation, we attach the table legs of the customer’s preference, usually made out of steel, completing the unique table top with a sturdy, trendy look.

Nice Alternative Product

For customers with a smaller budget, who also want a special looking table for their home or office, we produce table tops made from wood chips placed crosswise and glued together, as you can see on the picture. This fashionable and modern product has a production period of 4-6 weeks max.

Would you like to know more? Contact us or visit our showroom in The Hague! We serve good coffee and will be happy to help you!

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